Thursday August 8th... Akureyri, Iceland

AKUREYRI... ICELAND.   Thursday  8th August.
Arrived 09:00 am       Depart18:45
Sunrise at 04:27 am       Sunset at 10:07 pm

A couple of photos taken from the ship on our way into Akureyri... Stunning I am just mesmerized by the shear awesomeness of all this epic scenery...!!!


We decided on a walking tour of Akureyri... as the town center was less than a quarter of a mile walk away.
The board below tells of the old town and it's history... {Sorry if it's difficult to read}

This view of the Church from the highest point of the town was well worth the walk up the hill, Akureyri is quite a modern town... in fact it has a very satisfying and welcoming aurora about it... as if it feels well at home within itself...!!!

Believe me... if I could find any words for the following two photo's 
I would have wrote them...???

On July 30th 1899 a four man expedition set off aboard the steamship Botnia, to examine meteorological conditions around the auroral activity. East Greenland was there intended destination, however a change of heart at the last moment... and Akureyri was chosen as a base.

With 1038 inhabitants, Akureyri... Most households kept Cows, Chickens, Sheep and Horses..  Most people spoke Danish.  The winters here are exceptionally cold and long with more than their fair share of snow. Below, we are just leaving the New Town and descending into the Old town...Interesting...!!!

Akureyri  in 1899, was a small town split in two, and connected by a narrow path!
Some of the houses in the "Old Town" have been maintained to a very high you can see!

Jon Sveinsson Nonni 

You see this Picture Window below... Believe it or not This is the very window that was fitted into "Coventry Cathedral" when it was first built... apparently it was removed during the war and stored along with the other windows to protect them from damage... During this time period some windows got destroyed, some lost, and some acquired. This one found its way to Akureyri Iceland It was fitted to the church when the church was built... and has been there ever since.  {True Story}

Would you believe it... Iv'e pulled again...!!!

On the 14th January 1990 a team of men and horses carried all that was needed up Mountain Sulur, to build a wooden conservatory hut, Once built the hut was aptly named... The Palace at The Mountain. Optical Telegraphy was used for communication between the observation posts!

The last visit to the Mountain Palace ,was made by the expedition members on 26th March 1900.

A last photo before we set sail for,  Klaksvik, Faroe Islands.
Tomorrow will be a day at sea... Arriving at Klaksvik, on Saturday at 07:00.  
Looking forward to it!!! 

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