Tuesday 13th August... Alesund, Norway


 Tuesday 13th August. Arrive 08:00 am  Depart 17:00 hrs

Alesund is located midway between Bergen and Trondheim,  Alesund is one of the most important fishing harbors in Norway. With a population of 40.000 people. The city is built on three islands, connected by a network of bridges.  

Mount Aksla overlooks the city, with outstanding views of the harbor and the fjords.

Just docking at Alesund... It's raining again... But it don't make any difference to our mood we are well excited to be here... I got to tell you, we are loving this cruise so far...!!!

We decided to take a walk into town which was about 200 yards from the ship "Nice"

Check out our transport for the next two hours..."Funky or What"  
Do you think anyone  will notice us in this...!!! 

Alesund dates from the 9th century, “Rollo the Ganger”... a powerful leader of a band of vikings built a castle near the mouth of the fjord. From this... a fishing village soon grew and in 1848, the village received Township status.

In 1904 a devastating fire ripped through the town, destroying over 800 homes and buildings, and some 10.000 residents were left homeless in the middle of winter!

A regular visitor to Alesund German named Kaiser Wilhelm, who often vacationed here was so affected by the devestation, that he lead the rebuilding effort. The result was a mix of Art-Nouveau and Nordic traditional styles, this blending helped to create the modern look that Alesund has today.

It was fun traveling around in our little sharrabang  Not very comfortable though, Still it kept us dry and we saw most of what was on offer around the town!

The city flourished in the 1950's and with shipping and fishing industries booming, since then modern Alesund has developed into a thriving commercial and industrial center. Fishing is still very important, and tourism contributes more and more as  visitors flock to this city for it’s natural charm and beauty that is Alesund.

This is the panoramic view offered from the top of the town... great views don't you think! 

From the photo below ... it is possible to see how the three islands are able to be connected by all the bridges... You may have to use a little imagination... But you can get the idea...!!!

Some distance inland... Near the ferry port and resort town of Stranda, here the channel divides naturally ending at the ferry port of Hellsylt. The natural beauty of the fjords is known to have inspired Henrick Ibsen, to write his drama, “Brand”

Alesund has an international reputation for it’s maritime tradition and distinctive Art Nouveau architecture.  The colorful and charming town center has a myriad of turrets, spires and medieval ornaments.

Mount Aksla, offers a birds eye view of Alesund and the surrounding countryside. from the heart of the town, 418 steps lead up to the look-out point of Mount Aksla which offers unsurpassed views of the town and the fjords, including the jagged Sunnmore Mountains.  

After our tour on the little street train... we took a walk around the town center and up to the church , Pam loves old churches, and schools,  we have been lucky to see some really Old and fantastic places on our travels. We think it's uncanny how a really old building can hold onto the time stamp of when it was built... and has the power to transport you right back in time... To when it was in full use on a daily basis. {Very Strange!}

I know what your thinking and No... the Pigeon on his head is not supposed to be there? 

This was a bit puzzling, whats going on here...??? One of a number of statues dotted around the town but alas... No plaque or information board to inform you of the reason why...!!!

One of Pam's... Nice Building, well kept and maintained with loads of character dating from 1905.

We have reached the church at the top of the town... 
{Why are all churches at the top of the town...!!!} 
Pam is happy, Old churches hold such a fascination for her...???

Inside the church... well as you can see for yourself, beautiful.

Back down in the town now... and yet another random statue...!!! 
No... That's Pam in the blue coat!

 Back at the ship and ready for a coffee... or would that be a little drinkypoos...???
Can you guess what we had...!!!    {Correct}  Both!

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