Wednesday 14th August... Olden Norway.

Olden Norway. 

Wednesday 14th August

Arrive 08:00 am  Depart 17:00 hrs.

Its a nice day as the crew make arrangements to dock in the port of Olden, while we are waiting I take my opportunity to take some more photos...!!!  

I know what your thinking "Not more Pictures" YES lots more BUT Ladies and Gents they are well worth a look, believe me... you won't be sorry...!!!

Well how about that for a back garden view... And the front garden is just below.

Olden is the village at the head of the innermost arm of the Nordfjord  This small and quaint village on the west coast of Norway, is the gateway to some of the oldest and largest glaciers in Europe and some of Norway's most beautiful  fjords. The natural beauty of the western coast is the biggest visitor attraction to Norway.

We will admit to you here and now...We fell in love with this place; It was hard not to really,  You can see for yourself why as you look through the following pictures!

I feel I must warn you at this point... Today was well busy and there are quite a few photo's to look at on this page...!!!  Please, if you can try and make it to the end... you will not be disappointed I guarantee it. 

Once we left the ship, Sorry {Disembarked} We went off to wonder around the town... In a word "Amazing" what a wondrous place to live...!!!

It was lucky that this little shack was not for sale... We actually thought about buying it? such is the magic, that this beautiful place can hold...!!!

You will come across many pictures on this page with no explanations written to them... This is because there are no words; these are the pictures that will speak for themselves.

Most of the mountains are accessible to walk up... Me being an avid mountain walker and given the time believe me... I would have been up there in a heartbeat!

Above... we bumped into Connie & Howard on the bridge, over the river in the town! You may remember them from page one... This is one of the couples who we sit with at dinner most evenings.  We have met up again since our cruise, we  went to the Cruise Show at the N E C, together in Birmingham. and we are still in contact through e-mail and text... 
Technology... is an amazing invention.   

This is probably the "Oldest Church" we have had the pleasure of visiting... although the Alter has been replaced as you see, the building and it's contents are original.

I am not a religious man by means, But I do believe in miracles... I met one when I  met Pam! {Lucky or what} I must have done something right that day? 

It's time to return to the ship for some lunch and prepare for our epic adventure to the...
KJENNDALEN GLACIER... Come on... we can't wait any longer, lets go!

 This is where the words run out... and the jaw dropping scenery begins... Best if you are sitting down for the next several photos...!!!

The Kjenndalen valley and the Kjenndalen Glacier lie at the end of Lodal valley, 17 km from Loen and a 15 minute walk from the Jostedal Glacier's lowest glacier arm.
Info courtesy of... 

The following pictures are of the Beautiful "Lake Loen" a picturesque body of
Emerald Green water, carved from the Glacier Ice... Hotels and Restaurants
are scattered around the shores, and cruising upon the lake is the best way to enjoy the peaceful  scenery...!!!

O M G... What an Epic Day... and pictures to treasure, nearly back at the ship and well ready for dinner;  Oh and drinks... of course, 

You must admit 
we have earned them today...!!!

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