Saturday August 10th... Klaksvik, Faroe Islands

Klaksvik... Faroe Islands. 

Saturday 10th August 
Arrive 07:00 am  Depart 17:00 pm

There'e not much to Klaksvik, so there is not much to say about it really... 
I think it's best if you enjoy the photos below that show the best of what 
was to offer on the day... without actually going on an excursion! 

Klaksvik dock is situated at the end of one of the many Fjords. 
Today was a crappy day weather wise... with rain and cloud and a bit of a chill in the air.

 Please... Don't even ask...???   
just one of those unexplained eventualities that you come across 
every now and then in your lifetime... 
There was no information plaque or anyone to ask to enlighten us...!!!

 Pam and I made short work of the available... and some unusual sights,  Once we had walked the horseshoe  harbor we were more or less ready to return to the ship.

We are about to set sail... 
The following Pics are from the ship as we depart 
from Klaksvic and sail back out to the arctic ocean.

We have another day at Sea tomorrow {Sunday 11th August} 
So Pam and I will be getting up to some mischief somewhere...!!!
Our Next Stop is... Geiranger, Norway. {"Nice"} arrival time 11:00 am on Monday

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