Friday-Saturday 16th/17th... Sailing Home...!!!

Sailing Home...!!! 

Friday-Saturday 16th/17th

That's very nearly it... I am sorry to say, On the other hand you might be happy... because I know that looking at other peoples photos can become quite tiresome!

If however, you have dragged yourself to your computer every day and checked out our blog pages... Thank you; we really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to follow us on our  Iceland and Fjords Epic Adventure .

We hope that you have enjoyed all the pictures and the banter that has been used to explain them to you and also tells of how each day panned out and how we felt about what we have seen.

During our voyage home... we have had time to reflect on all that we have seen and done in the space of two short weeks. We have 2 nights and 1 day sailing left before reaching
Southampton, and then the drive back to the Midlands and home.

All that is left to do {and this bit is sad} is say our goodbye's to all the amazing people and friends that we have had the pleasure of meeting, dinning with, and sharing  great times with. All of them will stay in our memories whenever we think of this cruise!

A special mention to all the Crew & Staff once again on the Celebrity Eclipse for making our cruise so... phenomenal.  Not forgetting a special mention to a certain Gentleman... Michael McCreedy... 2 times World Champion in Curling, and Elaine his his wife, whom we spent several nights sitting next to and getting to know; in the theater.

If you have persevered with our story... Thank you; I hope it has brought you some 
lighthearted entertainment and I hope you enjoyed the pictures nearly as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Should you feel that anything you have seen resonates with you; Please feel free to leave a comment  and let us know... we would appreciate any feedback that you may have about anything that you have seen and read.

I apologise if some parts of this blog are hard to follow or understand... only I do tend to get excited when sharing my adventure stories especially when they are so immense... such as this one.

Last of all... {Honest}  A massive thank you to my Beautiful Lady, Pam because she makes me look great... and I make her look very lucky...!!!
Love you Baby...  xxxxxx