Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th... Reykjavik Iceland.

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th
2 Days stop over at Reykjavik.

Reykjavik... In Icelandic means, Steam-Bay.  The country lies below the Arctic Circle, But is very accustomed to the long polar nights and the extended sunshine hours during the summer.
{Sometimes People... There are No Words...!!!}

The respect of the Native people is common as the Island has an abundance of Rocketing Geysers, Geo-thermal Springs, Barron Plains and Thundering Waterfalls... That makes me very happy as I absolutely adore exploring Waterfalls and Mountains.

{This is One of Those Times...!!!}

Given half a chance... and the time to do it I would be walking up and along the ridge-line of these Mountains that you can see in the picture...
Mother Nature at her utmost best...!!!

 {When Pictures Speak Louder than any words Ever could...!!!}

If this is a taste of what we have to look forward to for the next 10 days...
then Pam & I are well happy.

The first settlers to make Iceland there home, came from Norway in the 9th century... Ingolfur Arnarson, is credited with being the first
"intentional settlement" on the island, at a place that he called Reykjavik. 

  As more immigrants arrived from Norway via the British Isles, a rift began between the Pagans and the Christians to point of Civil War.
In the year 1000. it was declared that Christianity be adopted as the official religion.

In the 13th Century.
 King Haakon was granted the right to collect Taxes by; The Althing!  The Althing is the seat of Parliamentary government that has operated in Iceland since the 10th century.

Local customs... Bartering or Bargaining for a better price is very rare...
There is little opportunity to bargain in Iceland.

The Alcoholic drink specialty... Svarti-Daudi or The Black Death, is a very strong traditional drink made from... Potatoes...!!!

Local Cuisine is Fish... all sorts in all shapes and sizes, which is great for me because ...I Love Fish... ask Pam, in fact ask anyone!

The more traditional foods like... "Shingled-Sheep-Heads" and
Blood and Liver Pudding... No thanks; I will give them a wide berth! 

We are now well into Wednesday...Well it's 9 am and we are just making our way to the coach for our first shore excursion we decided on...
The Blue Lagoon! {No; not the Drink, The Place?}

{Hi Ya Babe}
 The Blue Lagoon was formed in 1226. and is located between two continents... Eurasian and American where the two tectonic plates meet.
It is known as "Evil Lava" because it is very rough and difficult to cross due to it's very porous surface.

The Blue Lagoon is said to be one of the
top 25 Wonders of the world.

Unfortunately we did not take our Bathing Costumes, so alas, we were not able to sample the healing effects of the... Mineral Rich Waters... that are said to have amazing healing properties for your skin!

It is however a very popular place and  can be very busy most of the time! Still it was a great place to visit and we enjoyed  it . If you ever get the chance to go... Put it on your list as a Must-See!
{And don't forget your cossy}

OK... we are back on board ship we sail at 14:00 {2pm}
On route for our next stop Which is a place called,
Akureyri... we should arrive Thursday Morning at 09:00 am

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