Monday 12th August... Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger Norway

Monday 12th August

We are excited to be here at Geiranger because there is a trip that we booked to visit the only waterfall in the whole of the fjords that you can actually "Walk Behind" {o.m.g.}

Our trip is not till 1:30 pm so we had a late breakfast again... and a little wonder round  before hand, enjoy some of the epic sights that we encountered on our way up the fjord and into Geiranger's Bay

Geiranger Fjord...The Diva of all the Norwegian Fjords with all it's natural strength and beauty... she is the one!  1.600 ft wide and 1.200 ft deep, with 6.000 foot high mountains lining the waterways... Geiranger Fjord is a sight to behold.

 The longest Fjord in the world is "Songnefjord"...alas we did not visit Songefjord on our trip, we do however look forward to doing so one day!  Alaska and Greenland also have there fair share of amazing fjords... But Norway has the edge with numbers ans size!

People will almost always associate the word Fjord with Norway. It's abundance of inlets and bays that have been created over centuries by forceful actions of immense glaciers, cutting dramatic gorges throughout the mountain ranges in their unstoppable quest to the sea. 

Geiranger, reached first by a water journey through Storfjord from the sea, this relatively short and most secret of fjords is an exquisite collection of great waterfall tumbling hundreds of feet in delicate cascades. 

The curtains of snow that cascade over the steep cliffs, even into the fjords itself are sometimes given romantic names like... The Bridal Veil... 
 The Suitor... and The Seven Sisters.  The seven Sisters... So called because it has 7 separate waterfalls almost side-by-side!

Geiranger Fjord stretches some 10 miles inland. The sheer magnificence of the surroundings dwarfs even the largest of cruise liners. A natural amphitheater opens up to signify the end of the fjord and the sight of Geiranger village.

My Beautiful Lady just adding to the sheer awesomeness of it all. 
The journey itself through the fjord was a story all of it's own... sometimes stories are best told through pictures.  As they say... if a picture paints a thousand word...!!!

The sights on our approach to the bay are... I believe without question "epic" It was a rainy day, dull and overcast but this did not dampen our enthusiasm for what 
promised to be an amazing adventure...!!! 

Don't go anywhere people... the best is yet to come...!!!

Above is a picture of just one of many waterfalls that line the waterways on the run into Geiranger Bay. This one is situated at the far end of the bay behind the village and it was taken from the top deck of the ship on our approach.

This quaint little hut is bit of a mystery... it's a bit small for normal people...??? is it a storage hut or a play house for the children... or maybe a "Trolls House"...!!!...???

We are on the coach now, it's just after 1:30 pm and this is the view of the bay from about half-a-mile up the mountain road on the way to Storseterfossen Waterfall. "Yes"
{And the rain... it just kept coming...!!!} 
to our surprise we only drive about two mile and then vacated the coach actually on the mountain road and crossed over to a side track that led us up to the path for the waterfall! 

After a short walk, some 500 meters or so... on a tarmac farmers track we reach the mountain path that takes us to the waterfall. From this point... it is exactly 2 kilometers to the Waterfall. Obviously this is a very popular tourist attraction so; many passengers from all of the ships have taken this path today... 

This coupled with the rain has made for a very tricky and slippy 2 km walk. Most of the path was grassy and mud... with some areas that had been given man-made stepping stones to aid your passage especially in the steeper parts!  Anyway it was well worth the struggle up to the top, and here we are... OH YES we made it!

Below... is the only ray of sunshine that we are likely to see today.
We have reached the top of the path and the waterfall in the background behind Pam, is the one that we will be walking behind very shortly.

Another chance to see "Mother Nature" at her utmost best.
The noise of the rushing water is quite deafening... and to communicate with each other we have to practically shout.

With the path being well trodden and becoming dangerous, I told Pam to stay close, hold on tight to me and tread real careful , As we descend some 50 feet on the path that takes us behind the actual waterfall itself...!!!   

I will leave you to enjoy the next few photos... as sometimes you don't need words...!!!

Soaked... a little cold... yet so elated that we are standing here! It was all worth the struggle to get up here, and if you ever get the chance to visit here..."Don't Pass It Up"

The roar from the sheer power of the waterfall is deafening. But, to be standing here is so...!!!...???... Words fail me yet again, to be sharing it with you Pam... makes this one of those  perfect moments in your life that belongs to only us.  {Thank You} 

Please take good luck at the picture below, the clump of grass near the top center of the shot...  If that's not a Trolls head and face side profile... Then I don't know what is...????
Oooohh... Scary or What 

Just taking my last chance to shoot some more video before we have to get back to the ship. The good thing is... on the way back to the coach; we can stop off at the farm shop cafe, for Coffee & Waffles "Nice" cos we are well ready for a hot drink, I think we have earned it today. 

"Mmmmm"  Nice waffles, nice coffee... Now for a steady walk back down to the coach and a short ride back to the ship!  We  soon changed out of our wet close once back on board and decided to give formal  dinning a miss tonight.  Below are some pictures taken on the way out from Geiranger

Above and below... two shots of The Seven Sisters Waterfall that we mentioned earlier!

Here are an array of other amazing and breathtaking sights that we were privileged to see along the voyage back out to the sea and our next stop. Please take a look...!!!

"What can you say"...???

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