Crossing The Arctic Circle...!!! {Overnight}

Crossing The Arctic Circle...!!! {Overnight}

Sunday 11th and  Monday 12th August

I just had to slip this page in here, otherwise we would have missed out on some epic sights and scenery between leaving... Klaksvik and arriving at Geiranger ...!!!

 Yes I know what you may be thinking... Sunset shots like these are common place, and there are millions to choose from and I totally agree...!!! 

But... What makes these photos "Spectacular" is when it's YOU behind the Camera... taking these pictures... On a Cruise Ship... in the middle of the Norwegian Sea, Crossing The Arctic Circle...!!! 

With the most Beautiful Lady standing next to you; Only then do they suddenly... become some of the most "Precious Pictures" you will ever take in your life, and so personal... it's untrue!

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