Sunday & Monday 4th/5th August. {2 Days Sailing}

Sunday & Monday 4th/5th August. 
{2 Days Sailing}

First 2 days we will be sailing to... Reykjavik Iceland, so we are gonna kick back and relax

"Got Cha"... {Look out David Bailey} 
Just one of our many sea birds that accompanied us now and then, all shapes and sizes, lots of different sea birds from every port we visited...

All with one common goal... "FOOD"  Its not wise to feed them really It was quite amazing really as some of these birds flew alongside the ship for many miles.

 Pam & I, have found our sea legs... It's funny how your body and mind react to being on board ship... Your body seems to regulate itself and adjust accordingly to keep you in a straight line when walking... after 24 hours we were like a couple of old sea-dogs...???
{No Offence Babe!}

Tonight is our first Formal Dinner, {Or Posh Nosh Night} as I like to call it!  I am not one who likes formalities but somehow... when your on board ship it seems quite normal in a funny sort of way. Deep down I like to think that I scrub up quite well when necessary...!!!  My Lady she looks absolutely Beautiful... Take a look if you wish...

Anyway... Come on Beautiful Lady, lets show this ship some class...!!!
 We make our way down to the main dinning room... "The Moonlight Sonata"

Only Joking Pamlar... Micky adores you really...!!! 
That's me and my Lady, Pam {Above} Told you she is Beautiful, Did I not...!!!

We sit down at 6pm Our first Dinner was excellent...  We laid some more foundations in building relationships with our fellow dinners, We went to the theatre afterward, then..."Yes"  you got it? drinks time!

Now Pam & I love our food... One of the most epic things about cruising {for us} is that you can eat yourself to death if you so desire... and the food is world class, you can't ask for anything that haven't got. Don't get me wrong we are not greedy... But you just got to try most everything...  { No, Really... you have too...!!!}

Our Dinning room, The Moonlight Sonata... we only used for evening dinning. You can of course please yourself... and opt out if your tired, or just don't feel up to a sit down meal.

The freedom is all yours, that's another thing I love about being on a cruise!

"Just changing the subject for a moment"...

See this pic... on the right... don't you agree that it looks like the ship has come straight through the side of the hill behind it...???

Well lets get this fact out in the open so you know where we are coming from...
There is "Nothing" that we don't like about Cruising... even the part were we run round the ship for the first three days like a couple of kids.

Its been a busy day all in all... I think we shall retire to our room and try to decide what bit of that gigantic bed we want to sleep on tonight! Oh yeh, I  forgot to tell you, room service is available... "All Night" How cool is that...!!! 

Tuesday tomorrow... should arrive at Reykjavik at 1 pm ..That's good because we are getting a very tiny bit restless to get off this boat! 

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